Why do Marathas denied Hinduism?

The declaration of Shiv Dharma has caused lot of agitation in the country, particularly Maharashtra. Some theocrats say that Hindu religion is ancient and it was the religion of our ancestors. They want us to stay in Hinduism “after removing the obnoxious traditions and customs”. They say there is no need for a new religion. Religion is a system which makes human life happy and rich in contents. Any way of life that makes a human life happy, peaceful and prosperous can, therefore, be called a religion. Religion is the power that controls the passage of the human life. Religion directs a man in respect of his behaviour with other human beings. It also guides him in the matter of his conduct with relation to his own life.

What is Religion

The religion is a mirror of the thoughts, philosophy, festivals, art, literature, legends, customs, mutual relationship and beliefs of a particular society. It follows, therefore, as a natural corollary that any religion worth its name ought to be conducive to the development and happiness of the society.

There are many religions in the world as well as in India. The pertinent question here is whether our present religion stands true to the above tests of happiness, prosperity and peace. Should we not examine our present religion in this context? Should we not examine whether the religion which we are asked to be proud of is the religion of our making? Is it really the religion of our forefathers, as is alleged by some people? The task of seeking answers to these various questions is being done by the Maratha Seva Sang (MSS).

It is said the “majority religion” of the Indians is Hindu. If we are Hindu, have we been leading a life of peace, happiness and prosperity in the past centuries or now?

In fact, the very word Hindu is of a recent origin. It cannot be found in any “sacred” text of a period before 700 BC. Not only that. The priestly class does not tell us the exact meaning of the word Hindu. Its followers are divided into 6,500 castes and 75,000 subcastes. It is not explained why some of its sections have a feeling of superiority or inferiority against each other. Why different castes marry within the caste and why certain castes are denied entry into the Hindu temples.


The name of the founder of every other religion is known but not that of the Hindu. Why? The sacred book of every religion is open for study to all the followers of that religion but the sacred books like Vedas are not open to castes other than the Brahmin even today. Why? Every religion has an initiation ceremony for the new entrant or a new body e.g. sunnat in Islam, baptism in Christianity and diksha in others. How then upanayan (thread ceremony) is prohibited by the Hindu for the castes other than the Brahmin?

About 5,000 years ago, the Brahmin created a four-class social order. That order is called Chatur Varna. Excepting the Brahmin all other varnas have been insulted by this religion (in writings and practice).Even the Hindu king, Chhatrapati Shivaji, was refused coronation by the Brahmins

Shivaji’s descendant, Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj, was not allowed to chant vedic mantras. The reasonwas they were shudras and hence had no right to worship or be worshipped in vedic tradition. A very recent example is of Pandarinath Patil of Chikhali dt., Buldhana. He was insulted for chanting the mantra, Omkar. Even today, all Sankaracharyas are Brahmin by caste.


The Brahmin position in the Hindu religion is that of a superman. All its temple priests are Brahmin. All the rituals of a man’s life and even of the after-life can be carried out only by the Brahmin. The Brahmin regards himself as a god on the earth Ñ Bhoodevata

They act as a go-between of the god and the human being. He is, therefore, the sole recipient of donations made to god. Even the king must make sumptuous and frequent donations to the Brahmin. The begging Brahmin is called Madhukari while the same done by another person is a despicable act. The king’s power was always used by the Brahmins for their protection and prosperity. Even the present-day democracy (in India) has been converted into a theocracy or Brahminocracy by the Brahmins. That is how the Brahmin has tightened his grip on the political, financial, educational and media powers

In 3250 BC, the Aryans entered India and after a prolonged fight with the natives i.e. Sindhu people, reconciled into a peaceful living. However, very soon they assumed total control of the Indian society through the medium of religion by introducing the varna system. The vanquished Sindhu people (working class) were placed in the shudra varna i.e. the lowest class. This class was robbed of all the human rights like education, property and arms. During this period, the Vedas were produced. The Vedas fortified the Chatur Varna system replacing the original Sindhu religion of the Indian people.


However, this four-class system of exploitation of the Indians was further fortified by inventing the mechanism of the castes and subcaste system. The original glorious and prosperous Sindhu Sanskriti (the only one of C. 7000 BC) was destroyed and converted into the Vedic culture of the Aryans. The devices used were not the wars but far more dangerous like the beliefs of heaven and hell, sin and piety, re-birth, soul, god, moksha (escape from birth and death), customs, rituals, vedic origin, the smritis being seer’s words and various legends of the puranic nonsense.

These contraptions worked so well for the Aryans that the Bahujan Samaj became totally submerged in the Dev, Daiva vad (fatlaism), superstitions, rituals, yagna and daily worship

As a result, he became a mental and physical slave of the Brahmin. He started regarding the culture and religion of the enemy as his own, of his forefathers. Such a state continues even today. The life-style based on caste discrimination is the real basis of the Hinduism of today. It has been laid by the Aryan Brahmins to divide the strong Sindhu people’s society

As the Bahujan Samaj was denied education, property and arms by the cunning Brahmins, they became poor and helpless. They forgot their glorious culture of the Sindhu days. Poverty and non-education degraded the Bahujans so much that they readily accepted the fatalism and sins of the past life theory and also accepted the Brahmin as their saviour, their lord, their patron. The Brahmin propagated a sort of religious terror among the Bahujan and compelled the Bahujans to accept as gospel truth whatever he preached them. The ignorant Bahujan was cheated, looted and booted day in and day out from birth to death and even thereafter, by coercing him to do various penances, rituals and pujas through Brahmins. The Brahmin propagated that he was the bhoodev and any disobedience of his commands would bring god’s wrath on the Bahujan’s family, his entire lineage and also the religion. The Bahujan was gradually pushed into the hell of poverty and ignorance. Yet he regards Hinduism as his own religion and is prepared to lay his life in its defence. What a wonder.


The entire ritual-oriented lifestyle of the Hindu, from birth to death, is controlled by the Brahmin. Days of doing anything important are chosen by referring to the birth chart or the position of the stars, by the Brahmin. No where else in the world the people consult the horoscope. Yet the Westerners reached the moon, the Indians, on the contrary, are only longing for its darshan in the sky. All ceremonies of the Hindus are conducted by the Brahmins charging a fat fee ÑÊbe it a ceremony of putting the child in the cradle or a naming ceremony or a house warming ceremony or a post-death ceremony because the Brahmins assert that it is so dictated by the Hindu religious texts. For getting a child, various yagnas are performed at the cost of sacrificing the animals and at the cost of time and wealth of the Bahujan Samaj. The Brahmin makes sure that no time and money are left with the Bahujan to study, to contemplate and to research any subject


It is proved by scores of thinkers that Hinduism is not the religion of the Bahujans Ñ the original inhabitants of India. The Vedic religion belongs to the Aryan Brahmins. Hinduism, which should correctly be pronounced as Sindhuism, is the name adopted by the Aryans for their Vedic religion to deceive the Indian masses. It has all the tricks in it to cheat the Bahujan who is not even aware of the exploitation that goes on for millennia in its name.

The Maratha Seva Sangh and the Bahujans are, therefore, rejecting Hinduism. Through the Shiva Dharma, the Bahujans of India raised a banner of revolt against Hinduism on the Jan.12, 2005 throughout the country.

What will be the form of the new religion? Its principles? What change it proposes in the life of the Indian masses? What is the source of its inspiration? What will be the way of life of the Shiv Dharma are some questions that are to be answered in this brief article.


Shiv Dharma is not a new religion. Its declaration is in fact a rediscovery of our original Sindhu religion which was badly disfigured by the Brahmins by pasting upon its face many layers of vermilion. Shiv Dharma is nothing but a renaming of the old Sindhu religion and culture that existed in India i.e. the Sindhustan before the advent of the Aryans. The Jan.12 ceremony translates the desire of the entire Bahujan into a reality of regaining their lost Sindhu religion.

Indus Civilization was the most advanced and the forerunner of all world civilizations. That the makers of this civilization were the forefathers of today’s Bahujans has so many proofs. In the Sindhu, the people lived a high standard of material life and in total harmony. The period was the actual golden age of the humanity, not to speak of the Indian people.

If India is to regain that golden age and end the merciless exploitation of the Bahujans, then there is no alternative but to re-establish the Shiv Dharma

We are going to re-establish our original culture with new vigour and new awareness. The manifestation of the original “Sindhu culture” is called Shiv Dharma.

As things stand today, it appears the Brahmins have succeeded in destroying the originality of the Bahujan and transplanting the Vedic religion on our brains. We declare today that we are the masters of this land, we are the original residents of this land. (Not only that. We are also the forefathers of the human kind). In fact, we should have been proud of our ancient heritage, our forefathers, their achievements in this country and abroad but the Hindu religion taught us to be proud of our enemy’s achievements

We are going to throw out the slave’s pride planted in our mind by the Brahmin Dharma. By reviving the Shiv Dharma, we are going to restore the pride of place to our ancient agriculture, restore the pride due to our past heroes, study once again the literature of our thinkers and seek inspiration for nation-building from the Bahujan luminaries.

————————————————————— Freedom is a pre-condition for the development of man. If a man is provided with all the luxuries of life but denied the freedom of thought and action, his life becomes meaningless. In this context the example of Ireland is worth noting. In 1914, the Protestant leader, Edward Karson, was asked by his fellow countryman, Catholic leader Redmond:

Why don’t you give your assent to the unification of Ireland? We can give you whatever concessions you ask for.

Karson retorted:

To hell with your concessions. We simply don’t want your rule over Ireland.

Similarly some people tell us:

There is no need to leave Hinduism. One can live in Hinduism after undertaking reforms that are needed


But the question here is fundamental: Why should one live in a religion which is not of his or his forefather’s making? Why should one live in the religion which has for centuries been enslaving them, denying even humane living, and denying the most primary rights? Why should we follow the culture of our enemies? Our forefathers have done so under duress and ignorance but we are going to kick this religion out and live with self-respect.

We are going to use our brains hereafter. We are not going to be tools in our enemies hands. We are not going to bow before the aliens. In short, Shiv Dharma rejects the alien-led Hinduism and adopts the true religion of our forefathers. That Shiv Dharma is a movement of liberation of the Bahujan religiously, financially and intellectually, has to be understood coolly by the Bahujans

Freedom, equality, brotherhood and justice are the main principles of Shiv Dharma. In this, man is the centre and whatever comes in its way ÑÊBrahminism Ñ has to be eliminated completely. We want a society based on scientific thought, a society which is self-reliant and free in all the matters of life. Shiva Dharma will eliminate all the rituals, customs, superstitions, gods, fatalism and all those instruments of exploitation of the Bahujans by the priestly class. Shiv Dharma will not be dogmatic but open to new thoughts and changes that the future would warrant. Shiv Dharma is for democracy and against dictatorship. Its goal would be equal opportunities to all and equal justices to all. It believes in self-emancipation i.e. non-reliance on any supernatural or external power for the progress and well being of the man


The motive power behind the Shiv Dharma will be our oldest culture i.e. the Sindhu culture. That culture was matriarchal. Just as the woman of that age invented the practice of agriculture, Jijabai prepared her son Shivaji for the overthrowing of the Brahminical order and releasing the Bahujan from their tyranny. It was a result of the grooming by his mother that Shivaji could create a welfare raj for the masses, free from the Brahmin-domination. In her husband’s absence, she managed the Pune jahagir like a well-bred regent. She was an idol of sacrifice, martial courage, statesmanship, ambition, self-respect and ethical behaviour. That is why Shiv Dharma accepts her as a source of inspiration and not as an idol to be worshipped and forgotten. In Shiv Dharma, contrary to Hinduism, woman will not only be given her rightful place in all the departments of the life but also paid reverence, being the mother of the mankind


Under the Shiv Dharma, identity of the Bahujan will be as a Shiv Dharmee alone. No other distinction like caste or varna will be allowed or practiced. In Shiv Dharma, the votaries will be an example of brotherhood and cooperation. The Shiv Dharmee will have his own head on his shoulders and not that of the Brahmin as it happens today in Hinduism. He will be a builder of a new society and a prosperous as well as a strong nation


Shiv Dharma rejects all the rituals and the celebrations of Hinduism. In its place, Shiv Dharma will celebrate the birth days and mourn the deaths of those great men of the Bahujan who practised rational and scientific mode of living. In that category are included Shankasur, Hiranyakshapu, Narkasur, King Bali, Charvak, Gautam Budha, Mahavir, Samrat Ashok, Saint Kabir, Saint Ravidas, Saint Goroba and Saints Namdeo, Basweswar, Sena Maharaj, Narhari, Tukaram, Rashtra Mata Jijau, Shivray, Sambhaji, Jyoti Rao Phule, Savitribai Fule, Fatimabi, Shahu Maharaj, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Gadge Baba, Tukadoji, Anna Bhau Sathe, Dr. Punjabrao Deshmuk and many others from other states. All these great men worked for the upliftment of the Bahujan. The main test of these celebrations/observances will be to avoid all such events that exploit the feelings of the gullible masses and insult our ancestors at our own hands


Without a system of thoughts i.e. philosophy, no society can make a progress, however, primitive that philosophy may be. But that philosophy has to be one for joining the society and has to be elastic so as to accommodate the changing needs. In India, we have Brahminism, gandhism, marxism and bahujanvad.

The first three systems are designed to strengthen the Brahminical order. However, the Bahujanvad has always been of scientific temper and an instrument of uniting the masses. Bahujanvad comprises the teachings of Charvak, Budha, Mahavir, Kabir, Tukaram, Jotiba Fule, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Periyar E.V. Ramaswami and a host of others. This stream of thoughts rejects Brahminism or exploitation and welcomes scientific social order. It rejects god, fatalism, ritualism, temples, superstitions, ved, smriti and puranas


There is a natural anxiety about Shiv Dharma in the minds of other religionists. They welcome the Bahujans kicking the buttocks of Brahminism but at the same time wonder why he is not joining their religion. In this matter what is important is to get out of the Brahmin’s slavery and the Bahujan is doing exactly the same by rediscovering his millennia-old Sindhu Dharma i.e. Shiv Dharma. Shiv Dharma will have cordial relations with other religions. It will have amicable relations even with those of our brethren who are still in the Hindu religion. Shiv Dharma will not do any harm to the other religions

The Maratha Bahujan who was acting as an armour of Hinduism will no longer do it henceforth. The people, our brothers, of the other religions have to recognize this fact

Democracy is based upon freedom, fraternity, equality and justice. It is a political system i.e. a system of power sharing. On the contrary, Brahminism is a social order of inequality of castes and varnas

Shiv Dharma proposes to change this social structure and make it compatible with the ethos of democracy. Like democracy, Shiv Dharma also swears by freedom, fraternity, equality and justice. Shiv Dharma aims at a templeless, a casteless and a priestless society of egalitarian members. It will strengthen Indian democracy. It fully abides by the Indian Constitution

In other words, though named as religion Shiv Dharma is a democratic social order. Until such time as the commonest of the common man transcends the idea of god, the word religion has to be used. Brahminism has played havoc with the mind of the Bahujan Samaj over the centuries.

Though Shiv Dharma is against ritualism, a few occasions of life like the birth and the death will have to be exempted from this strict canon. But all the things in this connection will be done by the Shiv Dharmee himself or by another Shiv Dharmee. No discrimination will be practiced by a Shiv Dharmee on the basis of caste, gender, province, language or religion. The Shiv Dharmee will be bound by oath to protect, practice and revere the constitution of the Indian republic


The Shiv Dharmee will declare on oath that he has renounced Hinduism, and that Hinduism is not the religion of his forefathers. He will have to declare that he would not practice magic-remedies, offer anything before any idol or undertake any homa or yagna

Having got rid of the Brahmins, the Bahujan Samaj will be the lord of their land and lives. Shiv Dharma will not be forced upon anybody. Yet excepting the Brahmins, everybody is welcome into the fold of the Shiv Dharma. The management and regulation of the Shiv Dharma will vest in the hands of the parliament of the Shiv Dharmees.

(This is a speech of shiv.Purushottam Khedekar.Reproduced from http://www.shivadharma.com )

https://shivadharma.wordpress.com/why-do-marathas-denied-hinduism/ Read second part here


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  1. Clearly you are coward neo-Buddhists.
    Shivaji Maharaj was a protector of Hindu Dharma. The Marathas were the “Maharathis” in the Mahabharat War on the side of Shree Krishna.
    The maratha langauge itself is Indo-Aryan.
    Look at all the contributions made to the marathi langauge and notice that these were mostly Brahmins and those that were not Brahmins were great Hindu Saints such as Tukaram. Hinduism was the religion of the ancestors look at the swastiks in the Indus Valley Civilization, look at the yogic positions of the statues, look at the robes the IVC preists wore, etc…
    Jai Bal Thacker!!! Jai Shiv Sena!!!

    This is the true Shivdharma website: http://www.shivdharma.com/

    • The author of above article i.e Mr.Khedekar seems to be of the ideology of the father of Bal Thackey .

      Great article Mr.Khedekar!!!!

      • Father of Bal Thackrey..The great Mr.Prabhodhankar Thackrey!!!

  2. With due respect to the thoughts of Shree Khedekar, my first reaction is, it is unnecessary even to think of any new religion now. Enough atrocities happened in name of religion worldwide and are still happening. One cannot find true god if your heart is so full of hatred for someone.

    Religions, historically were formed to have some kind of social order. The religions is no more backbone of Indian social order, it is politics and economics. In any kind of society there are people who are benefited more that the rest. Today the social order keeps the politicians and industrialists at the top. The education is a big business for the so called “Skikshan Samrats”, who are they? They do not have religion, their only religion is money sir!

    I am a Brahmin, Yes I am, because my father and mother are brahmin. lived in a two room house till the age of 30, lower middle class you may say. Am I not a part of your Bahujan Samaj? Brahmins are leaving the rural and moving to urban, reasons? non-cooperation from so called “Bahujan Samaj”, they lost and are losing their living, their lands, jobs, they are persecuted systematically over decades. And why? because they cannot retaliate? they cannot talk? they do not have their political agenda and will? don’t forget this is the bread that has given maximum sacrifice for the society and will continue giving and will not deter by any propaganda of this kind. So When you talk of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, please do you forget Baji Prabhu as well.

    Every civilized person will be against the bad practices and the change is happening. When I was a kid my mother used to be very strict regarding the customs and she was selective of my friends as well (those who lived in rural maharashtra will understand what is meaning of ‘Sovle’), with age she has changed so drastically that she did not mind having food cooked by a muslim widow who even lived at our home for a few months.

    What Babasaheb could achieve in his lifetime was a revolution, something that did not and could not happen for thousands of years was achieved by the great man, I personally respect Babasaheb and do not even consider qualified enough to talk about his achievements. What his followers are doing? beating around bushes and talk of ‘Manusmriti’? who the hell reads it these days? Why do you beat the poor brahmins for nothing? Even if you terminate them the way Hitler tried with Jews, what problems you are going to solve? The ‘May – Baaps’, who run the country are not going to change? are they driven by the brahmin crooks.

    Let’s come back to the reference to ‘Sindhu Sanskriti’. It was a great civilization and we do not know a lot about it yet. Whether ‘Aryans’ invaded Indian subcontinent or not is a hypothesis and considered to be true because British said it so. Here is some piece of history. Please visit:
    Looks at the magnificence of the temples in Sindhu civilization. Look are the marvelous “Amb Temple Complex of Salt range in Pakistan” this is Sindhu Sanskriti. My questions is, you are talking so much of Sindhu Sanskriti, have you done enough home work? are you going to do anything about these temples? do we even know what these temples represent? There is a ShivGanga temple, other’s do not even show any signs of what deity they belong to, possibly all ‘Sindhu Sanskrity’.

    Let the brahmins live their life peacefully. Use their energy, their creativity, their willfulness to always do something good for society, their apolitical mindset, their capacity to work hard, run extra mile, last but not the least their willingness to sacrifice for the society. When there was a need of time, brahmins took swords and guns in their hands. I am a proud sun of a father who fought three wars as a soldier for this country and I am not going to let anyone divide this on any ground may it be religion.


    • I think you must read book untouchability written by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar. After reading the book try to resolve the difficulties we presently have in our country except blaming or compromising the reality. Emotions and behaviour.

    • A. Aryans did invaded indus valley his dates are incorrect but it’s true
      B. He’s talking about aryan-brahmins I’ve got to meet few they still believe they’re above all castes and above hinduism if you ask them their religion they’ll say brahmins not hindus. And about killing brahmins its stupid you can’t change what has happened if you don’t like something don’t bother following isn’t it simple? And there are plenty of brahmins in south india who denies hindu brahmins to be real brahmins if you want some references please let me know I’ll give you links to their pages 🙂

  3. I think what is written is partially true, as he dont know muc about history.
    We all are one,
    during civilisation every one has assign a particular task on there capablity like
    Brahmin- good in learning, teaching and looking after temples
    Reason why they are vegeterian is our ancitor believes temples should be clean and eating non veg will create lot of germs to spread.

    Kshrityas/Marathas- mainly protecting all of us from external attacks- may be animal or man- so called warrior.

    Merchant/vani/marwadi – mainly focus on buniess activities
    they have lot of money.

    Bahujan Samaj- basically doing cleaning activity of place.
    due to which there lifestyle was different- unclean, ugly.
    these peoples were avoid by all class.

    these is about civilastion

    Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj -Kedkar dont know proper histor of geart Maratha -Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
    His fight was against injustice created by muslims kings.
    Muslims kings were very crul in nature.
    they had looted and raped lots of our anicentors
    put huge taxes on all of us.
    to fight against all above he raised his voice.
    he had suported brahimins also- who are peshwas.
    Brahimins and marathas are two side of same coin for est. maratha kingdom.

    I am 96k Maratha.

    due to politican gain all of we are fighting.

    Please avoid this and fight against injustice.

    Jai hind, jai maharastra

  4. I Never go into history or any deep, because I know the interest of this article i.e. taking political advantages through Marathas. Maratha’s were with Hinduism & will remain with it. Those idiotic propaganda is created by some bunch of people for their political interest only.

    • Please stop this Shiv Dharma……..Our Ancient Bramhins were very good….like chanakya etc…..some Bramhins might have misuused theire power but this donesnt anyway mean they all are evils……Shiv Dharma will make Hinduism weak…..This is Ambedkarwadi stunt which only make false anti-ism messages….they only aims to make Buddhist Country Like China (who is now giving neclear bomb, all weapons to Pakistan)……..Please respect true bramhins…..Save our Nation by making Indian strong to protect Mother Indian from this & Islamic Jihad

  5. Who do you think you are? Christ? Buddha? Muhamed? Or an ancient rishi who created upanishads ? Those are sansthapakas of real religions based on real sakshatkar of eeshwar or God or Allah or Brahma! What you are creating is a cult based on some hypothetical rules based on deep intense hatred of Bahmin caste If la Brahmin wants to become a muslim he is welcome If he wants to become Christian he is welcome But you do not allow a person Brahmin by birth enter your cult This shows that you do caste descrimination & you are an arch casteist.You may achieve political advantage by this but creat division & hatred among groups in the society There are Arya Samaj Brahmo Samaj & liberty to chose ishrta devata or karma marg or dnyan marg or different panthas of Hindu religion itself What you are doing is creating caste based hatred group against Brahmins which you are calling religon! Your so called religion is more a social movement with no element of any spiritualism this shows that you do not know what religion is ! Swami Vivekanda has said that dharm is pratyaksh eeshwranubhooti You do not seem to advocate any Bhakti or Dnyan Marg or Karma marg for that .Have you ever experienced an Eeshwar sakshatkar? If so then only you are entitled to creat & preach a new religion.n

  6. Just out of curiosity ..
    1) What was the language and script were in use before Aryans came here?.
    2) Do you have any solid proof of Aryan migration theory?
    3) Do you have knowledge or proof that Brahmins have different DNA than rest of the Indians? Or do you have any other scientific method to prove Brahmins are different than rest of the Indians?
    4) If at all it is assumed that Brahmins were migrated Aryans then what you want to do with it. This may have happened more than 2000 years ago. If you say that they do not belong to this land, then where will they go now?
    5) Your quote “About 5,000 years ago, the Brahmin created a four-class social order.”, tell me Aryan Migration theory is 3500 years old, then who was there 5000 years ago? (We don’t know exact birth date of Shivaji Maharaj and you are talking about 5000 year old things.)
    6) How long you want to go back in to the history to prove your point of that Brahmins are outsiders?
    7) Early Humans, that is Homo sapiens are supposed to have appeared in East Africa around 2,00,000 years ago. from there original migration is started. So shall we all go to Africa as we originally belongs to that place? And before that all continents were together as Pangaea 300 million years ago. Now what?

    • why did we expel Britishers from India?

      • Without the shadow of doubt the aryan brahmins are alien to India.And even if you somehow prove that they are not alien and indigenous then it is even worst thing for the fact that what they did with the people of their own country by creating caste and several thousands of divisions and doing cruelty,discrimination and creating false and superstitious ,unscientific and immoral stories in the name of religion and creating the rituals and customs for their own betterment.

      • Bhramans are not britisher..they belong to hinduism and are also Indian…Please stop dividing India…Even Babasaheb refused that dumb story of mulnivasi

  7. I was shocked to read your views .These things dont matter. What matters now is who are you as a human? what have to done for humanity.To be a Brahmin, maratha or muslim you have to be a humanbeing. Dont bring chatrapati shivaji maharaj in your silly debate. Those who are criticizing others have poor knowledge in history. All of the Peshwas during Chhatrapati Shivaji’s and Sambhaji’s reign were Deshasthas.- source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deshastha_Brahmin . These lords had fought against injustice and not against any religion, cast. Shivaji maharaj had huge respect for all religions. Rather then calling each other names start working for humanity. learn from the mistakes done in past and try not to repeat them.Correct your views people and get help. You are highly manipulated by some evil. Wikipedia is always there for your help.

    • Well said 🙂 we don’t need religion to be united or great we just need to be humans. And about caste system we need to completely get rid of it. Its a shame how people still killing people cause of castes or cause of religions

      • When ever Brahmins get political power, they commit atrocities on Shudra’s( OBC, SC, ST and on Women). Peshwa’s committed endless atrocities on Shudras till they remained in Power. Even they did not forgave the family members of Sambhaji and Shatrapati Sahuji Maharaj. Committing atrocities on Shudra’s( OBC, SC, ST and on Women) is in the blood of Brahmins.

  8. The Origin of Brahmins is from Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iraq.Till date you can find Brahmin Gotras like Shibbers, Bakshi, Bhatt, Mohayl, Mujhaal, Hussaini Brahmins, Bali, Mohan, Lau, & Bhimwal,Rai Sidh and so many other Gotras in countries like Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Kajakistan, Tajikstan, Turki, Iran and Afganistan. Brahmins know that their roots are from out of Indian Sub-continent. Pt.BAL Gangadhar Tilk has written in his book that Aryans came to India from Uttari-Dhruv. .
    Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru also wrote in his book that Aryans came to India from Central Asia. This shows that Brahmins are Foreigners( Videshi) not Indians.

    Armies of Foreign Invaders like Tamurlang, Changez Khan, Halaqu, Babur, Mehmud Gaznavi, Mohammed Gauri, Hamayu, Akbar and Aurangzeb consisted of Muslim Brahmins with above Gotra’s and Indian Hindu Brahmins Joined their Armies and also became the Mantries and Advisers for defeating Hindu Kings. The Role and Policies of Brahmins for 800 Years of Slavery was against Hindu Kings and Hindu Society. Brahmins being loyal agents of Muslim Invaders helped the Muslim army for committed maximum atrocities on Hindu Society..

    • आर्य हे परकीय असून त्यांनी भारतावर आक्रमण केले आणि मुळ भारतीय असणार्या दास आणि दस्यूंचा पराभव केला या सिध्दांताला स्पष्टपणे नाकारतांना डाॅ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकरांनी आपल्या ‘Who were the Shudras?’ या पुस्तकात ‘Shudras Versus Aryans’ या चवथ्या प्रकरणाच्या शेवटी व्यक्त केलेले (सोबत जोडलेल्या screanshot मध्ये मी पिवळ्या रंगात hghlight केलेले) विचार चिंतनीय आहेत.
      बाबासाहेब म्हणतात;
      (1) The Vedas do not know any such race as the Aryan race.
      अर्थात आर्य वंश असा कोणताच वंश वेदांना ज्ञात नाही.
      (2) There is no evidence in the Vedas of any invasion of India by the Aryan race and its having conquered the Dasas and Dasyus supposed to be natives of India.
      अर्थात वैदांमध्ये आर्यवंशीयांनी भारतावर केलेल्या कोणत्याही आक्रमणाचा आणि त्यांनी भारतनिवासी समजल्या जाणार्या दास आणि दस्यूंवर विजय मिळविल्याचा पुरावा आढळत नाही.
      (3) There is no evidence to show that the distinction between Aryans, Dasas and Dasyus was a racial distinction.
      अर्थात आर्य, दास आणि दस्यू यांच्यातील भेद हा वांशिंक (racial) भेद असल्याचे दर्शविणारा पुरावा आढळत नाही.
      (4) The Vedas do not support the contention that the Aryas were different in colour from the Dasas and Dasyus.
      अर्थात आर्य हे दास आणि दस्यूंपेक्षा वर्णाने (colour) भिन्न होते या तर्काचे वेद समर्थन करत नाहीत.
      सदर पुस्तकाची मराठी भाषांतरित प्रत माझ्याकडे नसल्याने उपरोक्त भाषांतरे मी स्वतः केली आहेत.


  9. Kundalini कुण्डलिनी, coiled one serpent energy is or shakti (supreme power) located at the base of the spine in root (muldhar) chakra. Different spiritual traditions teach methods of “awakening” kundalini for the purpose of reaching spiritual enlightenment.The Yoga Upanishads describe Kundalini as lying “coiled” at the base of the spine, represented as either a goddess or sleeping serpent waiting to be awakened. In modern commentaries, Kundalini has been called an unconscious, instinctive or libidinal force, or “mother energy or intelligence of complete maturation”.Kundalin­­­­i awakening is said to result in deep mantra meditation, enlightenment and bliss.This awakening involves the Kundalini physically moving up the central channel to reach within the Sahasrara Chakra at the top of the head where Sada Shiv Supreme Lord of universe sitting in samadhi,Many systems of yoga focus on the awakening of Kundalini through mantra meditation, and chanting of mantras.Msg to join learning Group .

  10. Without Shiva shav dead
    बिना शिव शक्ति से के बकरीयों का झुंड बन जाऐ गा , जिसे जो चाहे गा हांक ले जाऐ गा ।

    जिस का धर्म शिव शक्ति नहीं उस का कुछ नहीं हो सकता है।
    शिव ही सम्पूर्ण विश्व के देवों के देव महादेव हैं।
    असली धर्म वह जो शिव द्वारा उत्पन्न संगठन संचालित होता है।
    शक्ति लिगं द्वारा ही सम्पूर्ण विश्व की रचना एवं सभी आत्माओ का जन्म हुआ है , संस्कृति धर्म शिव शक्ति से प्रकट होती है ओर उसी में लोप हो जाती हैं।
    पहला सच्चा बीज है धर्म जो शिव द्वारा आधार चक्र आत्मा में उत्पन्न होता है।

    shiva Dharma meaning Shiva supreme god of universe who created universe and all god goddesses human souls born by SHIVA LINGA.
    so all human being son of god Shiva.

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